Sunday, October 30th- Dinner at 5pm, Tour at 8pm

A little girl, a grumpy projectionist, and a helpful usher all living together under the same roof.  Is it the premise of a new sitcom?  Not if they're all dead!  The truth is this is no show.  They are all ghosts who inhabit the Mounds Theater in St. Paul, and now you have a chance to see them for yourself.

Real Haunted Tours is conducting a tour of the theater led by real paranormal investigators.  Spend an hour in the near dark learning about the ghosts and the history of the theater.  The investigators will even have some of their special equipment on site to allow you to try and communicate with the spirits.  Go to to see all of the details.

The Twin Cities Wonderland has purchased 10 tickets for Sunday, October 30th.  The tour begins at 8pm.  However we'll plan on dinner beforehand to trade ghost stories and to get "psyched" up at 5pm. at Joseph's Grill (just across the Wabasha bridge from downtown St. Paul)  They have some great food there.  Then we'll make the short trip back across the river to the theater and start the tour.

I currently have 10 tickets, 1 for myself and 9 others.  They will go to the first 9 people who pay.  The tickets are $22.50 which covers the ticket and the various ticket and Paypal fees.  If they sell out quickly enough, I could still maybe buy a few more, but if you really want to go, I wouldn't wait too long.

All you have to do now is REGISTER.